Fulfill the mission more effectively 

Overview Video Detailing The Infusion Of The Super App In The Church Organization

Testimony  - Cynthia Cox, CPA

Pastor Cedric Johnson  

Destiny Church

Pastor Larry Baker 

Sheepfold Church Of God In Christ

Neil Brunskill 

Community Of Faith 

Benefits of infusing the life app into the ministry


What isn't required for the church to be successful with the Super App

  • Does not add to Senior Pastors commitments
  • Does not require adding new position or staffing
  • Does not have to ask for additional volunteers
  • Does not have to buy or store product or additional supplies
  • Does not need to purchase, maintain or update software

What the Church gets for using the Super App

  • Earn Cash Back/Dibs on Church Purchases
  • Reduce Cost of Maintenance and Operations 
  • Reduce Travel Cost on Pastor and/or Staff
  • A Residual Capital Campaign
  • Professional / Personal / Financial development of staff 


benefits of infusing the life app into the congregation


  • Full engagement on Church Financial Goals
  • Excitement that "their" efforts are benefiting the church
  • Testimonies of success fosters recognition 
  • Families less stressed about money 
  • Development of mind shift about spending & money
  • Creates atmosphere of a Learning Organization
  • Workshops/Home Groups enhanced by the App's resources
  • Inviting their community to Church is easier and less intimidating
  • Regardless of Tithing status the Church earns
  • An organic Capital Campaign that fits all circumstances


Continual Capital Funding

 All revenue is based on # of app subscribers linked to the organization and how much is spent by each app user.  The numbers reflected are not guaranteed, only meant to give an estimated frame of reference for your organization's potential. Please reconnect back with the LIfe Representative for more details 

Who does life support



 We donate $1 from each purchase of the Life Accelerator to promote literacy.