Here are the most common questions about           The Super App


  • How Does The Super App Work?

Simple – you just shop like you always have at participating merchants, and when it’s time to pay, instead of giving your credit card to the cashier (or food server), you use your smartphone to buy the merchant’s digital gift card through The Super App by clicking the shop now button. It’s delivered to you instantly, and you use that for the purchase, getting on average 6% cash back. 

*Please note, once you create a LIFE Super App account, you can sign in from any device using your username and password.

*An additional 4% Dibs can be generated in addition to the instant merchant cash back

*Life Savings provides Groupon and Coupons discounts geo-tracked near you that can be stacked ontop of your purchases to reduce your bill even further before you apply the retailers own app and The Super App

  • Isn't this just like Rakuten (what used to be EBATES)?

No, not at all. With The Super App, you earn cash in stores AND online. Cash back can also be earned at 100’s of restaurants across the country. The Super App cash back earned is instant, not deposited quarterly. Also cash back earned can be used for your next purchase with The Super App easily at checkout. Best of all, The Super App can be used in conjunction with Rakuten! 

So if you are a Rakuten user, continue to earn cash back through Rakuten, but when it comes time to pay for your online purchase, use The Super App to apply a digital gift card to pay. Let’s say you buy online at Kohls through Rakuten. Pay at checkout with The Super App, You’ll earn 6% from Rakuten and 5.4% from The Super App, use your e-wallet and get another 4% in DIBS (15.4%) on your purchase!  (% vary with Rakuten and Kohls)

  • What is Life Savings?

This is a separate section of The Super App home screen that is in three separate categories. First are exclusive travel provider Thing2Travel (powered by Priceline) Auto Rentals/Hotels & Resorts/ Flights. Second is our Groupon partner that not only has 17 different discount categories to choose from 1000’s of deals near you but Groupon is also a merchant partner so you can receive Cash Back and Dibs on the purchase of the Groupon Certificate that gets you 20-70% off the retail price. Third is our Coupon Saver program that is also geo-tracked to give you the best deals near you wherever you are. All geared to save you money before you spend your money.

  • What are DIBS?

Dibs are a virtual currency supported by life. They are earned anytime you use your eWallet as the payment source when generating the merchant gift card.  You can redeem Dibs for anything that you earn them on. 

 As you accumulate Dibs, the value is a 1:1 ratio with a US Dollar (exchange rates apply to the Dibs for those Super App users in other countries) Dibs can also be redeemed in conjunction with Trip Credits to earn a free cruise or trip to Hawaii. 

*Dibs can’t be redeemed for cash.

  • What are Trip Credits and How do I earn them?

Trip Credits are an incentive program for Super App Subscribers.  For the $30 price of the app monthly subscription, $30 in Trip Credits are given the app user. (30 for 30)  Earn additional Trip Credits when making purchases in the marketplace. 

Trip Credits can be redeemed to buy down rates on hotels in the Thing2Travel section of the LIFE Savings section or saved in conjunction with Dibs to redeem a cruise or Hawaii trip. See The Super App Wallet for further details.

*Marketplace Trip Credits are awarded on a case by case basis. Trip Credits are worth $1 USD each toward trips and are not awarded on tax and shipping/handling

  • Is the app secure?

Yes, The Super App Platform tokenizes the information entered when the account is created so no info is stored on the device. Therefore, the info cannot be scanned like a credit card. Furthermore, The Super App is safer to use than your credit card due to the fact that you are generating a gift card at the point of purchase, meaning when the bill is satisfied, the merchant doesn’t not have your info to store on their servers either. 

So, if a merchant is compromised the hacker doesn’t obtain your payment info like everyone else. A third barrier of security is your phone itself. Most smart phones need a pin, thumb print or face ID to open the phone itself. The fourth line of defense, is the username and password needed to access your Super app. 

  • Can I use The Super App with Sales or Coupons?

Yes! Smart shoppers maximize coupons, promo codes and store sales first, and then use The Super App to earn cash back on their discounted checkout price.

  • Can I have multiple payment methods on file?

You can have multiple payment methods on file for making digital gift card purchases. These are added to your account in the Wallet section of the site, under payment sources.

  • Can debit cards be used?

Yes. Any debit/credit card that has a Visa/MC/Amex/Discover logo can be added as a payment method. Store credit cards that do not have these logos (i.e. - Kohl's, Belk, The Home Depot) cannot be added as per the merchant's credit card terms and conditions.

  • How do I check a gift card balance?

Go to your Wallet and press the “Gift Cards” then “ View Gift Cards” then select the merchant you want. You will then see a menu button at the top right of the merchant logo. (looks like three dots stacked on top of each other) Select the menu button and you will see “check card balance” button.  The current balance will appear. If this option is not available, then the merchant does not support balance checks through The Super App. For these instances, try going directly to the merchant website and look for a “check gift card balance” function. Balance check information is sometimes provided on the digital gift card itself as well.

  • Can I use this to buy plastic gift cards?

Most merchants will not allow you to use a digital gift card to purchase plastic gift cards. Therefore, you are not able to purchase a CVS digital gift card and then purchase plastic gift cards in the store. There are other situations where brands will not allow you to use their digital gift cards for certain purchases – please check with the merchant first if you are unsure if you are able to use a digital gift card for your intended purchase.

  • Can I use gift cards to pay my credit card bill?

No. Please check with your credit card issuer to determine what they consider to be a valid form of payment, but in general digital gift cards can only be used on the purchase of merchandise.

  • Quarterly Limits

There is no minimum purchase limit of The Super App digital gift cards. You will not be penalized if you do not purchase anything through us - you won't earn any cash back either though :(

We do have quarterly purchasing maximum limits that we impose to help manage available inventory with our participating merchants. These limits reset on the calendar quarter.

For specifics, please contact customer service at so we can provide you with the limits for your membership.

  • Where can I find terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other legal information?

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use 

Privacy Policy