Three Strategic Advantages:

Platform - Eco System

Matchmaker - Infinite Scale

Subscription - Residual Revenue

Strategic Alignment Explanation  

2019 Launch Final Numbers 

matchmaker platforms just now becoming business model


Matchmaker Concept Defined

A Business Model that facilitates a transaction, pairing those who want a service, with those who can provide the service, without having ownership of the fixed expenses of traditional business.  

Matchmaking has long been a profession, better known as a "Broker" (IE. Real Estate, Talent, Sports Agent), but recently has made its way into the business world and has proven itself as the next phase in conducting unlimited scale in a market.

(Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms, David Evans/Richard Schmalensee)

Life's Super App

The e-commerce, social media and on-demand giants have been blurring the lines between a consumer’s social life, retail life and financial services life for the past decade.The implications for the incumbent financial institutions is huge. Life's Super App principle foundation is matching those who want point of purchase control, savings and value from their money to those retailers, manufactures and service providers who want loyal customers, all on a single platform app (Super App) that incentivizes the consumer, and can scale globally at a rapid pace.  This platform has a huge potential to disrupt a whole industry.

Bitcoin in Financial Market

Bitcoin has many wraps, both good and bad, but the foundation of its principle is matching those who want security, transparency, decentralized control, real value and appreciation in a currency, to those businesses who realize a USD of last generation isn't the same as the USD of today, nor will it be the same USD for the next generation.  With a Platform Model of block chain technology and limited produced, systematically released, digital coins, "The Bitcoin System" has a large amount of wealth stored without having to house any "physical" currency.  Thus The Bitcoin System doesn't have the same restraints on it as a physical banking structure, yet is more flexible and valuable in adapting to the ever changing economic forecast. (refer to Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous)

Uber in Transportation

Uber has its own good and bad wraps, but again, the principle of matching those who want a ride, to those with a car who want to earn extra cash (whats called a gig economy) is simple, but genius ($80 Billion Company).  Uber facilitates over 15 million rides a day without owning one physical car.  Uber now has the platform with value, ease & flexibility, no matter how transportation changes, to scale globally in any market,

AirBNB in Hospitality Market

Airbnb  matches those who want a place to stay with those who have a place and want to make extra money. Airbnb has over 4 million listings worldwide - that's more than the top 5 hotel chains combined, yet they do not own any properties. Airbnb's platform gives them flexibility and value as popularity, security, climate, etc. makes destination's desirability ever changing. Airbnb is able to scale to a level that us unmatched by a brick and mortar concept. 

Super app platform concept is the future now