Change doesn't happen alone or without funding

Overview Of How The Super App Can Be Added Seamlessly To Benefit Many Aspects Of The NP

Testimony From Cynthia Cox,CPA

Testimony for Entity

Board Member

North West Houston Impact Center 

Vision For The Administration Level

advantages for infusing the super app into the entity

  • Doesn't effect tax exempt status
  • Doesn't require new hire of staff or volunteers
  • Doesn't eat up existing resources
  • Doesn't create a conflict of interest or co-mingling 
  • Doesn't depend on pledge revenue for success
  • Gives cash back/dibs on entity purchases
  • Gives Board & Director more flexibility to give back
  • Gives ability to generate predictable revenue 
  • Gives value to donors & volunteers
  • Gives more measure to entity influence .


Testimony for the Organization

Board Member North West Houston Impact Center

          Vision For The Organization Influence

Advantages for infusing the super app into the organization


Staff and Volunteers

  • Full engagement of financial goals
  • Revenue generated regardless of individual $ pledge 
  • Can promote and share app with sphere of influence 
  • Develop personally / professionally & financially
  • More to offer those served by the cause


  • Instead of a few pledges, Everyone is a donor 
  • Instead of asking to pledge, real value is shared to the donor
  • Families being served by the cause can be like a donor
  • Small Biz can now play a part without having to pledge
  • Any economy and/or season is now a prosperous time 


Continual Capital Funding

 All revenue is based on # of app subscribers linked to the organization and how much is spent by each app user.  The numbers reflected are not guaranteed, only meant to give an estimated frame of reference for your organization's potential. Please reconnect back with the LIfe Representative for more details 



 We donate $1 from each purchase of the Life Accelerator to promote literacy.