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Membership to LIFE App 

Register as a LIFE Member – N.P. uses the entity’s TIN # to have the entity itself be the member and earn compensation to be direct deposited into a designated account. The Entity will then receive a 1099 from LIFE for commissions earned through out the year. The price for membership is 141.95 (as of 1/1/20) … $0 or $30 month there after

For its membership, and the entity will receive “Life Accelerator" a digital library containing the categories of Financial Literacy, Leadership and Leverage (systems). The Library will contain exclusive training webinar on how to utilize the super app concept. Second, a library of financial literacy training webinars. Third, a library of leadership training webinars. Lastly, an audio Library to teach you how to leverage systems in order to grow as a professional, an entrepreneur, or as a leader in a non-profit and more. This library platform that will continually be updated and added to for free (onetime $90 investment) There is a one-time membership fee of $21.95 and an annual fee of $16.95 for admin maintenance to website/app platforms. The entity does not have to be on a monthly subscription of any type to earn commissions. The Entity will have enough retail customer volume to meet any requirements for commission earning through LIFE’s Compensation plan. The suggestion is always that the entity get access to the “Super App” platform to better steward the entity’s funds of operations. After the first month if need to cancel then the subscription can be turned off with a touch of a button on the app platform. There are NO contracts or expiration's that lock in entity funds.

What is the LIFE Super App

The LIFE App is designed to be a multi-sided economic platform to produce savings, rewards and incentives, cash back and growth in the users personal, professional and financial life. The Super App platform has a cash back payment app that produces digital currency per purchase, and incentive's loyalty to the platform by establishing a game to earn a Cruise or Hawaii trip redeemed by the registered app user (the qualifying components never expire so the consumer will qualify, it’s just how fast do they want to). The LIFE Super App also pays commissions to promoters of the app platform, if so desired. (the US economy thrives off peer to peer experience and promotion, LIFE wants the influencer to profit from their promotion) The LIFE Super app platform is a payment processing utility. The LIFE App has three categories that support the lifestyle for the user. 

The LIFE Super App Categories are as follows.

1) Merchants – 250+ National Brands that LIFE has partnered with to create an ecosystem where shopping done at these retailers through the LIFE Super App will create a cash back incentive per purchase\per retailer in the range from .9% -20% for the App user at the time of purchase.  Additionally, a digital currency (dibs) is generated on the same transaction based on the final sales amount.. (4% “dibs” are generated depending on the use of the e-wallet)

              · DIBS – Are a virtual currency supported by Life’s platform only

              · E-wallet – A payment source (that acts like a debit transaction) when selected by the App user. Money is transferred from the App User checking/Savings account to their app platform on their phone. When designated a purchase as the source of payment, the total purchase (cost + tax + <tip>) will generate 4% in DIBS that can be saved for trip redemption or spent at any merchant represented on the merchant platform.

2) Market Place – This category is LIFE’s future of business concept dubbed the Match Maker Concept. (see, Information, Matchmaker Super App for more details)  Like Uber or Airbnb, LIFE will match make (online only) the App user to manufactures/suppliers directly, allowing for extreme savings off the cost of retail or quality product/service with great value for the price.  LIFE will not buy in bulk or handle any overhead operations of handling the products/services that are provided in the Market Place.  LIFE will find manufactures that will make more money on their own product by bypassing the retail supply chain and going directly to the consumer. LIFE App user receives the up-front savings from the reduced cost as well as a range of Trip Credits from 1% -10% depending on the manufacture. 

                · Trip Credits – In addition to earning trip credits in the Market Place, $30 in trip credits are received by the Super App user each month the $30 subscription is filled. (30 for 30) 

                 Two ways to redeem the trip credits

                       1. Use them immediately to buy down hotel rates when using the “Thing or 2 Travel” selection in the LIFE Savings section of the app. Powered by Priceline, Thing or 2 Travel hosting gives rental/hotel/flight booking with out leaving the Super App

                        2. Save them in conjunction with DIBS to redeem trip packages that include but not limited to Cruise or Hawaii. A paid for vacation ….

3) Main Products – This Category is LIFE’s signature learning platform that was started in 2011. In the categories of financial, personal, professional and spiritual growth, LIFE has expanded into 20 countries delivering digital learning platforms while building communities of people who transform their lives by networking together best practices.

How the Non-Profit Generates Income (all examples based on  total Number Super App Subscribers)?

As a member, the LIFE system does all the work, maintenance, reporting and accounting of the registered customers associated with the NP. The NP will send their link for download to their donors, supporter (volunteers) and clients, etc.

PV (Personal Volume) is generated from the App User’s spending. The PV is calculated through the LIFE system and directly deposited into the account associated with LIFE membership each month.

          Merchant Spending –

· $500 spent monthly at an average of 5% Cash back will equal $25.00 kept by the Super App user.

· Multiply the Cash Back produced of $25 by 11% gives your 2.75PV 

· 2.75PV will equate to $.83 earned commission (top of commission chart on LIFE’s Compensation Plan)

· Monthly spending by the Super App user will determine the commission earned for the LIFE member (NP entity). The example above is just that, an example. The member will make 11% of the customer cash back in PV and the PV will be totaled from all customers to determine the percentage of commission for the monthly sales.

Chart #2 A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated(download doc to view pic)

           Market Place Spending

An Average of 25% PV from Sales price before tax is a general rule for this category. October 1 opened the marketplace with 12-15 companies. More companies will be added monthly. LIFE is in negotiations with 200+ manufactures to date. 

· $300 spent monthly in the marketplace at 25% would produce 75PV

· Take the 75PV (multiply it by 30% for being top of the chart, see above chart#2) will generate a $22.50 in commission earned

            App Commission 

The Super App is a subscription-based platform. It doesn’t require LIFE membership to be accessed, only to earn income, therefore the NP earns PV per Super App subscriber each month. The NP now earns a 15% retail bonus (earned off all Super App and LIFE subscriptions) and a chart bonus as discussed earlier from the cumulative PV of all customers in all categories. (LIFE Merchant Shopping/Market Place Shopping and Main Product Shopping)

Super App Commission 

· $30 Super App subscription will produce 20PV

· 15% (Retail) of 20PV will earn a commission of $3.00

· 30% (Bonus Chart #2) of 20PV will earn a commission of $6.00

· Total of $9.00 earned off the $30 Super App Subscription itself

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated (download doc to see pic)

As LIFE Super App increases the Merchant Store Partners and adds more companies to the Market Place, the NP will generate more commissions on the same number of customers due to increase spending by the Super App user. Additionally, as the Super App subscriber of the NP share their app to their sphere of influence, the Super App subcriber pool grows organically and will spread globally (LIFE APP is operating in USA and Canada as 8/26/2019) and expects to expand into their other markets in 2020. Unlike a network marketing company that is tied to one product or niche market, LIFE is a platform-based model that can formulate its model to meet the economic lifestyle of any country. 

Example Haiti;  $95 Gourde to $1 USD, so in US the Super App is $30, but LIFE can fit its model to expand to Haiti and bring it down to $5 USD, recalibrate the incentives, and put Haitian merchants on the LIFE app, while partnering with Haitian manufactures.  The DIBS are a universal digital currency within LIFE’s eco system and will hold the value, and can be spent anywhere within the LIFE App. (this is just an example not a guarantee) 

Unique benefits of the LIFE App and its membership for N.P.

· One time purchase $150+/-

· Purchase of the digital library education, updated for free with new content to educate, train and grow the NP

· No monthly commitments or fee if the Entity doesn’t want to subscribe to the Super App  (there is an annual membership renewal)

· No extra expense of overhead to the NP

· No Private Inurement 

· The NP can earn residual off donors, volunteers and clients alike, who have downloaded the LIFE App platform, and anyone those donors, volunteers and clients share the LIFE app with

· Residual income scales by itself

· Nothing to attach the commissions to, except the NP influence or cause… i.e., Rent can be attached to a tangible structure. LIFE commissions are given to the promoter and influencer that expands the LIFE Apps Exposure all in the name of Escaping the Financial Matrix. 

· The LIFE Super App is a financial tool that can be given to anyone for free (promote the upgrade)

· LIFE Super App not in the arena of MLM/Pyramid/Network marketing due to its ongoing value to customer.

i.e.,  a product driven MLM has a premium product for a short time & can justify the price for the claims that the  product can perform, but soon someone will re-engineer or re-formulate a similar product with a similar claim. The MLM still must have premium pricing to pay its network overhead, and the member can earn commission, whereas the customer is paying a higher premium price for a product that now is not premium, but generic and available at other commercial retailers. Hints the “pyramid” title is now given to the company because all the value is to the member not the customer that just wants the product.

The LIFE Super App is a multi sided cash back app that generates (“dibs”) digital currency (expands consumer buying power while not being taxable because its only generated by the purchase as a reward, but has value and can be spent back in the Merchant Stores & Main Products of the LIFE app).  As the customer is more loyal to the platform, then they can earn a Cruise, or save further for a Hawaii trip. LIFE will always have the highest value to the customer because the only difference between a LIFE member and LIFE Super app subscriber is a member generates commission off Super App users. Outside of commissions, the LIFE member and LIFE Super App user have same pricing and incentives throughout the app.


Printable for you or your board

LIFE Super App Non-Profit Org PDF (pdf)