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Online Special B-Day Purchase, Plus Coupon, Cash Back and Dibs... $20.20 Total Return

Using Blazing Rewards, Dibs & Cash to pay bill...

$46 meal for $13....

                                 Online Purchase 

                  Using Rakuten To Earn Cash Back

                         Vitamin Shoppe Rewards

                    Cash Back and dibs On Balance

                      Super App Coupon 25% Off

                          Papa Dough Rewards

                             Cash Back & dibs

               Ulta Rewards With Cash Back & dibs

                        Beyond Plus Member

          20% Off One Item & 20% Total Purchase

     Then Earned Cash Back & dibs on the balance...


Jeff & Tammy Darling - The Woodlands,TX Self-Employed

Stacked Rakuten (Ebates) & maximized everything from free shipping, specials & email discount code. Paid with my Super App by generating an Omaha Steak gift card to get my cash back & virtual currency (dibs) AND still got my Omaha rewards - AMAZING!!!


Brenda Urner - Tulsa,OK Accountant

 I use Groupon quite a bit and recently learned that I could become a Select member for $5 a month on Groupon and save an additional % off their already discounted prices  ...25% off things to do in your area, restaurants, and spas  15% off and free shipping on goods and an extra 10% off their getaway packages   This additional discount plus the 5.4% cash back & 4% dibs allowed me to buy a $30 Groupon to Shorty Smalls for $7